We shorten the path to carbon Neutrality…

Government mandates and public sentiment are forcing utilities and private sector organizations to establish and follow a clear path to carbon neutrality. Establishing the right path can increase return on investment, satisfy public stewardship expectations, manage regulatory risks, and help the country achieve its 2050 decarbonization goals.

2050 Partners helps its clients shorten the path to carbon neutrality for their organizations and their customers, constituents and communities through decarbonization consulting, regulatory advocacy, and energy strategy, planning, and research.

BY Navigating energy policy complexity

Energy policy has many names – decarbonization, electrification, carbon neutrality. Understanding the myriad of complex rules and regulations can be confusing. 2050 Partners specializes in helping your organization navigate these policies for maximum benefit.

We help our clients navigate energy policy complexity to maximize impact, improve compliance, and implement carbon-neutral energy policy.

Solar panels on a large industrial roof

BY Impacting energy codes and standards

Energy efficiency codes and standards serve as the impetus for lasting change. In many regulatory venues, there is an opportunity to impact how regulations are scoped, written, and enforced. Once adopted, it is imperative to effectively implement regulations and ensure they are followed by all stakeholders to achieve intended decarbonization goals.

On your behalf, 2050 Partners crafts, advocates for, and promotes innovative energy codes, standards, and program specifications.

  • We help you promote energy codes and standards enhancements to regulators. We also develop new energy programs for your customers.
  • We help you research and develop new codes and standards-related initiatives at the local, state and federal level to ensure your climate-related initiatives are optimally impactful.
Electric cars are charging in station.

By coordinating complex research and collaboratives

Technology is evolving rapidly to meet pressing climate and policy challenges. High impact technical solutions often require engagement and collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

We help you manage expert teams to design and implement your technical research initiatives, including field and laboratory testing, data collection, analysis, and synthesis of findings to support your next steps as well as longer range planning.

We will engage and facilitate large stakeholder collaborative processes, involving scores of professionals,that support your climate strategies on topics ranging from energy efficiency program portfolio advisory, building energy modeling, and building performance standards to clean transportation and demand flexibility.